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About Us

Our vision at Bow and Barrel Sportsmen Center is to provide a safe and secure learning environment for our customers through the use of a spacious facility supported by a courteous certified staff.

Our company focuses our efforts on safety, responsible usage, and encouragement of education while by providing an enjoyable atmosphere for all customers.


Vance Ewing
Mike Ryen
Vance has over 22 years in the US Army as an MP. After the Army he spent 6 years working as a NATO Counter IED and Terrorism Instructor.  He is certified as a NRA Range Safety Officer instructor, NRA Basic Pistol, Home Personal Protection, and a CCW Instructor.  
Mike has eight years of experience in US Army Reserves as an MP.  Mike has an extensive private sector career as a business analysis, operations manager, and plant manager.  He is NRA Range Safety Officer instructor certified, an NRA Basic Pistol, and Home Personal Protection.
About Us

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