22940 Harlan Lane
Saint Robert, MO 65584

STARTING September 1st
Bulls-eye Tournament  and League

​This is a single division unsanctioned 12 week league for 22LR pistols. It will be a handicapped event (like bowling) in which we will use a 85% on 280 points scale. 

Caliber:             22LR                                    Barrel Length:  8" or less
Scopes:            Not authorized                      Lasers:             Not authorized
Distance:          7, 10 , and 15 yards

​This is both a tournament and a league at the same time. Shooters will have an opportunity to win money from their shooting results on a weekly basis as well as at the end of the league.

One-Time Registration Fee:

Registration available in the store or at the Online store within our website.

Weekly Fees: $10.00.

Weekly Tournament:
The Top 10 shooters from each week will split 60% of the entry fees collected. 

Actual checks will be written after weeks 6 and 12. This approach helps reduce some of the administrative costs to run the event. Shooters must complete all weeks of shooting for payouts. 

Each week, two drawings for a one
month membership.

Each week, one drawing for a 50 count of 
22LR ammunition.

After the 12 weeks, 1st thru 4th place will win
 memberships. Memberships include: 10% off
 In-Store items,
 24 Hour Pre-Sale notification, and No Range fees. 
League Rules:  
  • To properly establish each persons handicap, the first week of shooting will be done as follow:
              Shooters who participated in the previous 22LR Bulls-Eye League will have that average used as the starting handicap
              New Shooters:
                   Each shooter will complete 3 full rounds of shooting
                   Each round will be scored
                   The average of those 3 rounds will be used for the 1st weeks score​
                   In summary, the first week of  shooting will require 90 bullets
  • There are six different shooting events:
                   Weeks 1,5,9 – Bonus target. Shoot any target distance twice (Best target counts)
                   Weeks 2,6,10 – One substitute Luck of the Draw   target at any target distance
                   Weeks 3,7,11 – Three targets, one for each distance
                   Weeks 4,8,12 – 10 Additional shots at any target(s)   (Best 10 per target)

  • This is NOT a timed event.
  • Shooters cannot use any form of gun rest or support to improve their shooting accuracy.
  • Shooters cannot use any form of binocular or lens scope to evaluate their shooting during the event.
  • Any shooter under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. 
  • Firearms must be holstered or in a case at all times unless on the firing line.
  • Eye and ear protection are mandatory at all times on the range.
  • Only the active shooters are allowed in the shooting stalls. All others must remain behind the ready-line and not be a distraction to the shooters. 
  • Scoring may be completed by the shooter and will be verified by a Bow and Barrel Sales Associate. If there is a challenge, a Managing Member will make the final decision. 
  • Shooters are required to complete their shooting between Monday through Sunday to count for the current week Tournament prizes. There are no bad weather days.
  • In the event of missing a week, shooters can still make up no more than the past two weeks shootings. The only exception is for participants that can demonstrate with documentation that they were not available to participate because of work conflicts. 
  • And, remember the goal is to have fun on improve shooting at an individual level!
  • Shooters MUST complete all 12 weeks to be included in the final winnings payout.

​This is NOT a bulls-eye scoring event. Scoring is by the number values on the target. Contact with a line for the next scoring rings counts for the better score.

Minimum Scoring. In an effort to maintain more consistent scoring, a shooter can have no less than 50 points in comparison to their highest score during the tournament. This will help address any concerns of shooters trying to utilize the handicap process beyond the intended use. For example: Week 4 a person shoots their best ever score of 200, and on week 7 they shoot a 40. The score for week 7 will be 150. For the rest of the tournament, they will always have a score of 150 or better.
2019 Regular League
Week 1 Final Results
The goal of this event is to focus on rewarding shooters on a weekly basis more than focusing on the best shooters after the 12 weeks.

Our intent is for each shooter to enjoy our facility, improve their individual skills, and have fun.
2019 Regular League - Spring
Weekly Drawing Winners:

One Month Membership
Debra Baker
Edith Gordon

Box of Ammunition
Terry Lauwers
2019 Regular League
Week 2 Final Results
Weekly Drawing Winners:

One Month Membership
Roby Wages
Clyde Wallace

Box of Ammunition
Patrick McCann
2019 Regular League
Week 3 Current Results