22940 Harlan Lane
Saint Robert, MO 65584

The Bow and Barrel Sportsmen Center – Saint Robert, MO

Our “Winning Ticket” event is back this year for the Christmas Holidays.

For every $50 in purchases, you earn a “Winning Ticket”.

These tickets can be instantly redeemed for great gifts like targets, ear protection, cases, and so much more.

Or, you can use your ticket to enter over 20 different drawings. The drawings are everything from 1-month memberships to lifetime memberships, $10 gift cards to $200 gift cards, CCW classes, accessories, a Ruger American pistol, a Rossi R22 rifle, and SO much more.

To help make your holidays even better, we have over $7,000 worth of items to give away for our Winning Ticket event.

And as always, we’ll see you on the range!