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We are continuing to work towards putting together events for our customers. Continue to check back on a regular basis for updates.


When:  First and third Tuesday of every month   
Time:    6-9pm

Details: Grab a girlfriend and come in every Tuesday evening.  One on one instructors, education, training, refreshments, and a whole lot of fun!
Conceal and Carry a Weapon

Current Registrations Available:

Saturday courses are from 9am-5pm
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Details: Our Concealed Carry Endorsement – Firearms Safety Training Course is approved by the standards set forth by the state of Missouri.

This course teaches:
Firearms safety - Basic Principles of Handgun Marksmanship - Care and Cleaning - Holstering - Legal requirements of the state for certification - Laws relating to concealed carry - Justifiable use of force.

The course consists of eight (8) hours of instruction divided between classroom interactive lecture and dry fire & live fire range training. Upon successful completion of training, each individual will be issued a certificate of Firearms Safety Training and the appropriate completed paperwork necessary for submitting your Concealed Carry application.

We require that you bring either a revolver or a semi-automatic pistol the other will be provided for you, you would just need to purchase the ammunition for that pistol.

Students are required to shoot a total of 40 rounds, either for a semi-automatic or a revolver. Ammunition may be purchased at the store. Eye and ear protection are required safety equipment. If you do not have the required equipment, they will be provided for you at no additional charge.
Date Night 

When:  Last Friday of every month 
Time:   5-8pm
Cost:   $30 Per-couple non-members,
            $20 members

Details: Bring that special someone in for an evening of shooting and good social fun.  Lanes will be reserved for couples.  Cost will include 1 hour of range time per couple, and 1 darts shooting target, 

We transform our training room into a child care center in which we play movies and have game activities for children from ages 6 months to 14 years old.

It's a great night of fun!
NRA Courses 

NRA Courses available including:

Basic Pistol Shooting
Basic Personal Protection in the Home 
Basic Personal Protection Outside the Home 
First Steps 
Home Firearm Safety 
Refuse to be a Victim 

To register and for all course descriptions and details please go to the online store.

Luck of the

When: Every Thursday
            of the month 
Time:   6-9pm
Cost:   $10 to enter, includes the range time and
            targets. Ammo and firearm are not included.

Format – Each player will shoot 2 targets, 10 yard line, 6 rounds per target. Both targets down range at the same time.

Advancing – The team with the highest combined score advances to the next round. A tie breaker requires one shooter from each team, 6 shots, 15 yards. Additional ties 25 yards.

Winning – The final two teams will have all 4 shooters complete their string of shooting at the same time, each shooter having their own lane. Highest team score wins. A tie breaker requires all 4 shooters to shoot again at the 15 yard line.
10 AM - 8 PM
10 AM - 8 PM
10 AM - 8 PM
10 AM - 8 PM
10 AM - 8 PM
9   AM - 8 PM

12 PM - 6 PM