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Transfers / Storage

At Bow and Barrel, we provide over 200 lockers in our secured Arms Rooms. We have a variety of different locker sizes to meet everyone's needs. All lockers are secured by a padlock and can ONLY be accessed with a sales associate present. Our Arms Room is locked 24 / 7.

There is just no better value than being able to come into our store, get your firearm, and go right out to the range. No hassle, no headaches.

FFL Transfers

In an effort to help provide clarification on the process of transferring a firearm/serialized item, we have implemented the following process:

Step 1:
Purchase the item from an FFL. The company you are buying the item from will ask you which FFL you want them to ship to.

Step 2:
The seller FFL must reach out to us for a copy of our FFL license, and they must provide a copy of their FFL with your shipment. We do not contact sellers or the shipping FFL in order to start the process. The seller FFL is responsible for emailing us at which time we will send them a copy of our FFL license.
We do not provide/release our FFL information to individuals, only other FFL’s. 

          Does The Bow and Barrel Sportsmen Center accept firearm shipments from individuals that do not have an FFL license? Absolutely not.
          Our store policy that we will ONLY receive serialized items from another FFL. If we receive a serialized item from an individual, the item will be
          sent back at the senders’ expense.
          We DO NOT contact sellers or shippers to make any arrangements of items that are being shipped to us. In some cases, the seller FFL may
          state we have to send our FFL information first; not the case. Our policy is the seller FFL must send us an email, at which time we will send a
          copy of our FFL license.  

Step 3:
Product tracking. In many cases, you will be provided tracking information from the seller FFL and get notification of shipment complete. Please wait until we call you with notification that your item is ready for pickup. Generally, this is within 24 hours of being received.  

Step 4:
Background checks are required prior to item pickups. All customers have to complete the required documentation and background check. Pricing for regular serialized, non NFA, items are $25 for each item. NFA items (ie. suppressors) are $150 for each item. 
FFL Transfers
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